T-shirts ($25+)
For years, The Laff has been selling their one of a kind t-shirts in the bar. We offer a range of sizes from small to double extra large. We just received a new shipment on June 24th, 2013!!! We have men’s t-shirts in black with white printing, and orange with white. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER we have ladies’ t-shirts in chocolate with cream printing or black with white printing and a whole new design! We still have a limited supply of black 3-button henley's, red t-shirts, and baby blue t-shirts.

Zip-Up Hoodies ($40)
These hoodies are of superior quality pre-shrunk cotton and boast a metal zipper, to prevent distortion. We recommend washing them and hanging to dry to maintain the quality and size. They are only available in black. Remember, they fit small, so order up a size or two! Trust us, you won't want to take this hoodie off for love nor money! 

Hats ($15+)

We are pleased to offer custom embroidered hats, in a variety of colours. Currently in stock we have Budweiser hats.

Shooter Glasses
We've recently introduced custom shooter glasses to our merchandise line! We have 1.5oz, clear shot glasses with the Lafayette logo.

For a true experience, come and shoot a round of Bulleits! Our signature shot is a toast to the late 19th century. With Frontier Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, and some ingredients of our own, we bring you a shot that's been nicknamed "bywash" after the open sewage system that could once be seen running down York Street. The ByWash often contained the contents of one's chamber pot, old discarded food, and dead animals!! It's not for the faint of heart but we invite you to step up and give it a shot! We'll even ring the bell for you if all goes well! 
Shoot a round of Bulleits: $7.00 each (including the shot glass as a souvenir)
Shoot a round of Bulleits: $5.50 each (not including the glass)
Shootin' blanks (just the glass): $3.00 each or get a set of 6 for $15.00

Calendar Drawings
Back in 1992 and 1993, during the years of transition and change, the bar had some interesting characters, staff, and regulars who would frequent the pub. With political turmoil plaguing the city, and many new restrictions being imposed on bars, the Laff underwent a major change in the years that followed. To document those years, calendars were created depicting typical scenes at the Laff. If you look closely, you'll likely recognize a few people that are still around today. Stop in and take a look at our catalogue of caricatures. Prices may vary and are available on a per order basis. For an order form, click here, or pick one up from your favourite waiter.

If you wish to order merchandise, please contact
 or call 613.241.4747.