It’s a rare occasion when the City of Ottawa dedicates some time and effort into promoting alcohol consumption, but they’ve managed to do it in a way that is both legal and interesting! The City of Ottawa Archives has just launched an exhibit titled “Taverns and Troublemakers”which dives into the history of drinking and alcohol in our nation’s capital. It highlights not only the first fine establishment that made the books and lasted (US!), but also the temperance movement and prohibition, all the way to present day LCBO jurisdiction.

I was asked to speak at the opening of the exhibit and to represent the Laff on the bus tours that will be taking place in October and March. Without much guidance, I began writing what transpired into an Ode to the Laff. Personal and touching, I wanted to give praise to my family who got us to this point, as well as to touch on the patrons who kept us here. Read on, and share your thoughts about the Laff in the comments! We’re always looking for more stories; tales from long ago that might have been momentarily forgotten.

Taverns & Troublemakers Speech