On March 1st, 2016 we entered yet another new era for the Laff: we opened a kitchen.

Now, many of you know that the Laff has never really been known for food. Back in the day, huge cans of Ravioli, jars of pickled eggs, and quarter peanut machines were about the only edible thing you could find in here. With the inception of the smoking bylaw and the lack of culinary creativity, we purchased a Quiznos franchise, which opened in 2003, and severed the ground floor into two shared businesses. This satisfied the liquor license food requirement enough for the AGCO and helped us to grow, rebuild, rebrand, and bring the Laff into the 21st century.

However, the businesses never really jived together and were growing very differently. With a lack of franchise support for it, we decided last March to drop the Quiznos, expand the Laff, and reopen with a bigger ground floor and a simple but gourmet kitchen.

Exactly one year to the day, this was realized. We did a soft open, and our new snack kitchen is up and running! We decided from the get go that we didn’t want to be a restaurant: we wanted nothing to do with assigned seating, cutlery, and table service. That wasn’t what the Laff was about! We wanted the customers to have the freedom to move around the room, enjoying a simple but delicious snack that would compliment your thirst for more beer. Thus our snack menu was born!

The first basket of fries to come out of our kitchen!

The first basket of fries to come out of our kitchen!

We began with French fries – the simplest of items, yet most scrutinized on any menu. We wanted to offer the best possible option, so we cut our fries by hand, in house. As we renovated, we polled our staff and regulars, surveys were done, and we came up with the menu that is now available. While we will deliver your food to you, the idea we’d like people to take away from their visit is that it’s more of a take-out window than a restaurant. We are still working out kinks and logistical issues for our staff, rest assured the quality of our food is uncompromised. Our menu was developed by a highly trained Chef from the Ottawa area, and he found unique ways to enhance flavors, develop in-house recipes and staple items, and, where we can we make everything from scratch.

All in all, it’s a new venture and a new business for us. We’re still getting used to the bigger size and the flow of people; but so are the regulars! People are finding new corners to sit in, new aspects of the business they didn’t know about, and they’re embracing the history like never before. We’re thrilled and we can’t wait for the warm weather to show up and the fun it’ll bring.

See you at the Laff!